How to reach Stromboli

How to get to Stromboli Stromboli can be reached through a dense network of links divided into different modes of transport. To a tip and useful links. If necessary please contact us

Helpful advice

Stromboli can be reached from Naples, Milazzo, Messina, Reggio Calabria, Tropea. From Naples by ship (Siremar) departure 20.30, arrival after 6.30 (one night). In summer there is a line of high speed ferries, but have not yet published the details. The ship currently makes two trips a week. Always from Naples is available until 9/9 a hydrofoil line (Snav), departing at 14.15 and arrival at 19. From Milazzo hydrofoil are available daily ( -2.5 1.5 hours depending on the route), the companies Siremar and Ustica Lines. From Reggio is Messina opera Ustica Lines, which runs several times daily. To reach Milazzo preferred airport is the Catania, which reaches Milazzo with convenient bus lines. From Boquete is operating a motor vessel (Tropea Mar) with daily runs.   MARITIME CONNECTIONS DESCRIPTION from and to ferries and hydrofoils Naples, Milazzo, Vibo v. ferries and hydrofoils Naples, Milazzo, Messina BUS Bus Ships Milazzo Hydrofoil Napoli Catania/Messina to Milazzo Bus Reggio Calabria-Messina